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Countdown Timer

Everything goes backward! We developed an app that shows you the remaining time until a particular event occurs!

Whether you set a countdown to a specific date or a timer to a specific time - you see the remaining time and get an idea on how much time is left. Everyone likes a different time-format. With this app you can choose between different display options including digital, analog, binary as well as other formats to meet everyones taste!

So you'll never miss an event

• Create/Delete events
• Countdown (Simply choose the time with a time-picker)
• Select birthdays of your contacts
• Quick-select (Today / New Year)
• Timer
• Choose display mode (FlipFlop, Digital, Analog, Binary, LED, Predator ...)
• Choose Background color (Single color, Gradient, Tiles)
• Alarm-Function
• Alarm-Repeat option, also when app is closed (per minute/hour/day/week)
• Choose names and texts for push-messages
• Choose your favorite sound (System-sounds + 1 Song)
• Fullscreen-display until the next event will occur (Activate by moving 2 fingers apart) The screen will switch to landscape!
• iPhone 5 display is supported in fullscreen mode

--- Predator - Time ---
The Predator - Time will get a special look with the default design when switching to fullscreen
Have fun!

From the developer
Please help us and give us feedback! That's the only way we can develope a great app for almost everyone.
Many designs are planned - you decide!


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